Flaherty Consulting is dedicated to maximizing the growth potential and efficiency of nonprofit organizations.  Its goal is to assist nonprofits in realizing their potential through consulting services based on recognized best practices; and as a result, offer services and support to organizations in order to create a greater impact in their communities.


We understand that your organization is unique - that is why we work individually with you to tailor a plan that works best for your organization. Our goal is to produce efficient and effective results - we are flexible in the services we offer to achieve that goal.



Good nonprofit board governance is about providing strategic leadership and focusing on the processes for making  decisions that will continue to advance an organization’s principles and mission. I offer support and guidance in enhancing board and governance skills, policies, procedures, structure, and more.


Crissie McMullan, Executive Director

At a point where Mountain Home was eager to grow, but uncertain about the best direction, Keegan stepped in to lead us in a comprehensive needs assessment. Through staff focus groups, client surveys, partner interviews, and public health data, Keegan gave us the information and insights we needed to create an ambitious and realistic plan. Keegan was flexible, a clear communicator, and a true pleasure to work with. We were thrilled with the process as well as the results!

Bryce Bennett, Executive Director

The MontPIRG Leadership fund had just accomplished our biggest goals ever in an exciting election cycle, but we had little sense of how to sustain this energy. We worked with Keegan to review our organizational needs from top to bottom, and she delivered a number of thoughtful recommendations we'd never come up with ourselves. Now we have a plan, and a process to grow our work and deliver more for our members because of Keegan's hands-on efforts.

Brittany Rooze, Interim CEO

Keegan stepped in to facilitate a grass-roots coalition that was very much in its infancy after the original coordinator left her position.  The coalition was struggling to understand their identity, establish direction, organizational structure, and a decision-making process.  Keegan has beautifully guided the coalition to create and implement a decision-making process, form a flow chart, and beginning mission, vision, and governance conversations.  She uses thought-provoking tools and exercises and ensures all voices are heard during meetings. This group will be much more stable and ready to hit the ground running with a new coordinator once hired.



Keegan Flaherty’s experience working with complex social service programs cultivated her passion for knowledge and education to learn how to improve programs for underserved populations. As a result, she has dedicated her entire professional career to supporting people and organizations in becoming more focused, efficient, and sustainable.


Keegan has become a self-professed nonprofit nerd whose expertise comes from the diversity of experiences as a volunteer, staff member, manager, executive director, consultant, and board member. She has had the privilege of working with over 40 nonprofits nationwide and has extensive experience teaching, facilitating discussions, assessing organizations, strategic and operational planning, and helping  transition boards from working to governing boards.


Flaherty Consulting is based in Missoula, MT


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